Sunday, June 7, 2009

Less than a month and counting

I am in the last month of my pregnancy and let me just say, it has felt like a very, very long haul. Starting out with the extreme sickness, the scares here and there, and now the discomfort, it feels like it's been about five years. BUT, here we are in the home stretch and we are ready for this little girl to make her arrival. Here I am at about 36 1/2 weeks:

I have put on more weight this time than I did with Dominick, but I already have my plan set on how to drop it (hopefully). This weekend we also put the finishing touches on the nursery. I am really excited with how it turned out.

From the hallway:

The "main" shot. I haven't set up the bedding yet as the two cats would get in the crib and sleep all over it and I don't want to wash everything for a second time. So I just hung it to give an idea of where the colors came from. The blanket on the left was the first thing we saw that we loved and the quilt is from the set we got. Yay Target!

And apparently I can't hold a camera straight to save my life, but here is the last shot:

We are really happy with how it all turned out. I bought almost all of the pictures on the walls through Etsy. A fantastic site with lots of great art. We bought these, this, this, and two other ones. It's a great site, I highly recommend it.

It is definitely spring time up here in NY and we've been lucky to not have too many heat waves. I say lucky just because I haven't had to deal with the ridiculous amount of swelling and sweating that I would have to endure come such heat wave. But it has been nice to just wear capris and flip flops, considering no other shoes fit. I have deemed my legs as either elephant legs, or overstuffed sausages and my toes as lil' smokies. Sitting all day at work does a number on my legs. It is all in the name of something great, and hopefully she will be here soon!

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porkchop said...

Love it, so cute!! Those turtle prints are adorable. I'm so excited for you guys, can't wait to meet her!