Saturday, September 27, 2008

Auction Finds

The last time I attended an auction was four years ago. I got on the mailing list, have been receiving notices of upcoming auctions and disregarded them. Until this week. For whatever reason, I opened the email, clicked the link to see pics of examples of what was to be sold off...and saw these totally cool stained glass windows. I knew they would look awesome on the walls in my game room and/or living room. I told B I wanted to go, he said ok, so this morning we got up early and headed out to St. Pete. The windows were alot larger than I expected. I asked B, do you think these will fit in your card? Sure, he says. Ok. The auction starts. They get around to where the stained glass panels are. There is a different set of 6 that gets auctioned first. We both liked those too, but bidding went high fast. I was trying to ask B if he liked those better or not, because I was only going to buy one set. He didn't answer in time and they were sold ($450). No biggie, I liked the colored glass better. Bidding starts. My heart is pounding. Bidding isn't as crazy as the previous set (maybe b/c these are bigger?). I have one main competitor but fortunately, they bowed out before I went over the mental limit I had set for myself. SOLD! To me, YAY!

Then we had to carry them over to the car. Again, bigger than I expected and heavy! But super cool. From a local chapel, I guess. Well, they didn't fit into the car. B had to call his uncle to come meet us with a truck. So I wandered back to the sale. Just as they were auctioned off a very cool modern couch. I had eyed it before but didn't seriously consider it because we had come in a car. Well. Now I knew there was a truck, so I went ahead and bid on it. SOLD.

It's going to go in my game room. The stained glass windows, I am thinking of painting the wood casements. Black? Cream? Might keep it natural for the set that's going to go in the living room. The other two will go in the game room. I will consider it money well spent ONCE they are up on the walls. I'm hoping they make as big an impact as I am hoping they will..... I will post new pictures when that happens.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This and That

I haven't had too terribly much to post about lately. Well, I could jabber on about work stuff, but once I leave the office, I try to LEAVE it all at the office. I find that this tends to work out better for my relationship too. Makes me a nicer person to be around!

I've gotten back into a running groove. Ran "the bridge" today, which was the first time in many many months. (I've been running a loop in my neighborhood the past few weeks). I definitely have a love/hate relationship with running.

I bought a t-shirt memory quilt kit the other day. Not sure what possessed me, as whatever sewing skills I have, haven't been used since I was a girl scout probably. But I do have a bunch of old t-shirts I refuse to throw or give away, but don't wear anymore and I suddenly totally saw how they would make an awesome memory quilt. Perhaps I shall photo document my attempts to create it...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

"I like it when my clients bleed"

Not something you hear from most practitioners, but is something I'll remember my acupuncturist, Katie, as saying. I am no longer an acupuncture virgin after my first appointment yesterday. I walked in and had to remove my shoes, which I found a little unusual, but kind of relaxing. I checked in and took a deep inhale of the incense that was burning. It smelled very similar to a certain green illegal substance. So I sat and waited for Katie and took in all of the surroundings of this very relaxing place: herbs, teas, oils, incense, books, all sorts of lovely things. So I finally get called back and meet Katie, who is very nice. We sit down in a nice, small room with a bed and chair and she goes over the reasons why I am there: neck pain, headaches, sinus problems, stress relief. While discussing my neck problems, she asks if I had been in any accidents. I don't know why I didn't think of this years ago, it's funny the things that come back to your memory. I was in an accident shortly after I graduated high school where I was at a stop waiting for someone to turn and was rear ended by a Jeep at 35 mph. Bye bye Chevy Cavalier hatchback. From that accident, I had mild whiplash, so now I do wonder if that's a lot of the cause of my problem. After discussing my aches and pains, she explained acupuncture to me. She started off by showing me a needle, which is about as thin as a strand of hair and very flexible. She told me what I would feel, if anything, when she tapped the needle in, and what I would feel, if anything, after the needle was in. One of the things she mentioned while explaining what I might feel is that it is common for people to bleed. Keep in mind that the needle is not far in your skin at all. However, she said that since acupuncture helps to release endorphins in the body, if the body bleeds, it's a good sign because that means that the body is heating up and releasing some of the toxins. Thus came her quote of, "So, I like it when my clients bleed." Did I bleed? Yes, from a spot on my shoulder. Anyway. So she gave me a gown to change into and left the room. When she came back in, I laid face down and she started on my neck and back. The most that I felt was the tap of the "guide" and could barely feel the needle. She ran her fingers along the most tense parts of my neck and back and placed needles where they needed it. Since everything is connected, to treat my neck, she even placed needles in my lower back. It didn't take long for her to place all of the needles and then she brought a heat lamp over my back and left me to relax for a while. The heat felt amazing and I could feel things happening at certain points of the needles. When she came back, it was weird that I could feel the removal of the needles more than I could feel them going in. When I told her how good the lamp felt, she said that it is actually a mineral lamp that helps activate minerals in your body to get things moving. Whatever it is or does, I love it. She then took some homeopathic ointment and rubbed it on my neck and then placed a heat pack on my neck as well. When she came back, I flipped over and she worked on my sinuses. I had a needle on the top of my head, my hairline, one between my eyebrows, one above each eyebrow, one on each hand, one by each knee, and one on each foot. Again, it's all connected! She left the heat lamp on again and left and this time I dozed on and off. When she came back, she said to drink lots and lots of water and not to do much for the rest of the day. Since acupuncture kicks up the endorphins, it also releases a lot of toxins, so the best way to get rid of them, is through the urine. So lots of water was in order. Also, since one of the points of acupuncture is to up your energy, you don't want to expel it all in one day. There is a certain feeling you get after a massage of total relaxation, even a little spacey. This is even more so with acupuncture. I was pretty much floating through the rest of the day and was pretty wiped out by 5. So I will be going for the next 3 Saturdays, and then we'll decide from there what is the best course of action. My neck does feel better and much more flexible. We'll see what the week brings, if I get any headaches, etc.

The other major happening this week was taking Logan to the vet. He had been scratching and scratching at this spot under his ear and Sunday night I touched the spot and it was bleeding. Logan was also very bitey and didn't want anyone to touch it. So, Monday a.m. I called the vet and got him in that afternoon. This was the first time in the 6 years we've had him that we had to muzzle him. He was just too bitey, but our vet knows that he is never like that. So she got a good look inside his ear and at the spot under his ear. There was no sign of an ear infection, but she said what was on his skin was called a hot spot. Could be from allergies, but it's just a topical irritation. So they took him in the back to shave down his fur and clean up the area. I asked if he needed a cone and she said yes, so he doesn't cut it open again. So, we once again have a conehead in our house. It has been a few years since he had one on, so it took some getting used to. So he is still bashing around and figuring out how to get up and down stairs. I did take it off the other day, but he started scratching it again, so we had to put it back on. Well, maybe this week we can take it off. Either way, he is a very sad pooch...

Not sure why his one eye is closed, probably just the angle or something:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Update on the way

I was laid up for a couple of days with a bad headache then a stomach bug. But I have pictures to share of the return of our Conehead (our poochie who had a "hot spot" on the side of his face and had to go to the vet), so those will be coming soon. I am going for my first acupuncture appointment tomorrow (Saturday) morning, so I will be posting about that as well. I know you are all waiting with baited breath ;)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday insanity

Someone at work just sent me this and I had to post it. It's a 10 minute video of two guys skateboarding down Claremont. It's insane. I can't believe they don't fall... or die. And the suits are a nice touch.

Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Spiritualized

Thanks to my buddy Jason for finding these and sending them on. When we went to see Spiritualized in Buffalo, we saw someone walking around with a camera the whole time. Now we finally know why. Good quality and great music. Not for everyone, but hey, give 'em a shot anyway ;)

Baby, you set my soul on fire...

Spiritualized - "Soul On Fire" - Live from boostmobile on Vimeo.

Spiritualized - "Sitting On Fire" - Live from boostmobile on Vimeo.

I could probably watch/listen to these over and over all day.

Head pains

I have suffered from headaches for as long as I can remember. It's genetic: my mom has them, my grandmother had them, it's just who we are apparently. Any time my head starts to hurt, I know I can call my mom and she'll say the same thing. Tension, sinuses, you name it, we get it. And they do, from time to time, turn into full blown migraines. This week was pretty bad for both of us, and other people we know. I was talking to a friend the other day about how bad it was (day after migraine means I am a total zombie) and she said she started going to acupuncture for her headaches and she was amazed at the difference. She was also a skeptic at this "new age" stuff, so she went into it not expecting anything. Now insurance covers a lot of it and low and behold, mine covers the place where she went, so my new venture will be going there for the first time hopefully in the next couple of weeks. I have wanted to try acupuncture and hey, if it can reduce my once a week headaches to once every other week or something, I'll consider it a win. I will be posting about it when I go.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Deadliest Bowler

I had an opportunity to go to the Tampa Boat Show and potentially see Time Bandit captains Johnathan and Andy in person. And perhaps get my picture taken with them and then post it here to make Nicki envious and jealous. It was within my grasp, certainly.

Then, in one swift moment, I changed my plans and went bowling instead. And I had a blast! Went with bf, Poison Apple and her husband and Kimical Warfare. I haven't been bowling in at least three years but I've still got it. Well, I scored 124, 131, then got to a 94 in the fourth frame of our third game before our family fun pack of 2 hours of bowling expired. Really got me sentimental at how much bowling I did as a high-schooler, either at the Rec Lanes or the CAC in Sheryl. (only bowled at City Lane aka Shitty Lanes once or twice). Always a shock to see how expensive it is to bowl now. $5.25 a game?? and $4 for show rental??? good grief. I also think it's funny how few people seem to know how to score a game. I had to explain how a strike is scored (10 pins plus score of next 2 rolls). I was on a jr. league that came in last place and I still have the "last place bowler" pin somewhere. After our bowling time was up, we went to the lounge and drank pitchers, played darts and goofed off until late. And us ladies set a date for our Scrabble Tournament! Whoo hoo!

Too bad tomorrow I have to go back for another week of crazy stress at work. Sigh....I hope I survive.

N(icki) F(riggin') L(oathes) football

Today is the beginning of the football season. My husband could not be happier. I could not be more... annoyed. I don't like football. It's not because I don't fully understand it or whatever, it's just, I don't know, it doesn't do anything for me. Living where we do, we are in Bills country, so win or lose, my husband tunes in religiously to see what they are doing this week. I'm glad that my husband gets so much enjoyment out of the game and that I always have a win-win for birthday/anniversary/father's day/Christmas presents: Bills tickets. For the SuperBowl, two of our friends come over and they grill up a bunch of meat, I'll make up some chicken wing dip for them, and they'll split a football ice cream cake. It's a day they all look forward to. I look forward to going into our room, and shutting it out after our son goes to bed.
So, here's to another season of my husband yelling at the players who can't hear him, to fantasy football stuff I don't understand or care about, and to finding something creative to do for three hours every Sunday while my husband plays out his affair with the television. After nothing but loud football for the afternoon, I prefer something more along these lines...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday fun

I love Kevin Smith movies. All of them. Yes, even Jersey Girl. And I did indeed love Clerks 2, and now every time I hear "ABC, 123" by the Jackson 5, I will always think of this scene (spoiler warning about 10 seconds from the end, so click it off if you haven't seen it yet). If I'm ever in a bad mood, this always makes me laugh, smile, and dance in my seat.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Red @ Night...Sailor's Delight

Obligatory Florida sunset pic.


Last night I finally beat Guitar Hero 3 on Medium. It says I Rock, but when the screen told me to "FINISH HIM!" I was already in the red. Luckily there wasn't much more to do and I got it. Then Dragonforce came on and I thought my hand was going to fall off. Now I am practicing on Hard. Basically I am relearning how to play. But I am mostly proud of finishing a Slayer song on Medium. My hand is still sore from it today. Yes, I am sore from playing a video game.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Two weekends ago (at least...time has been a blur lately) I had to rinse off the patio floor where the stupid dog had pissed on one of my rabbit totes. So I stepped outside and started hauling the garden hose off the holder. I had it mostly unwound when I reached in to twist the nozzle...and noticed lots of frog droppings inside the interior of the hose holder. It was only THEN that I saw this guy on the wall at about eye level:

So I ran to get the camera, came back out, got closer and suddenly realized there were MORE frogs...

One of them is giving me the stink eye

I think they were under the hose the whole time

Anyways I spent at least twenty minutes staring at these little guys, trying to get an accurate count. I think there were at least six of them. Hard to tell, they kept moving around and my point of view kept changing. I haven't checked on them since that day. Truth be told, I felt kind of bad for disturbing them.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I am amazed that I have finished another book already. Last night before the season premiere of Prison Break, I finished Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. Chuck is one of my favorite writers as he writes just what I like: dark, comedic, tragic, and satiric. Invisible Monsters is the story of a beautiful model who has an accident with a gun and is horribly disfigured. I knew one of the big reveals of the book before I read it, but I didn't see some of the others, which were pretty awesome surprises. Chuck has a great way of twisting things up at the end and leaves his mark in your mind. If you like the darker side of things, I highly recommend checking him out. The film adaptation of Fight Club was excellent and I am looking forward to Choke coming out in a few weeks.

I am on to reading my first novel by Neil Gaiman titled Anansi Boys. I was told to read American Gods first, but I have this one out from the library, so this is going to be first. My husband and I read several of his Sandman comics and loved them, we also watched MirrorMask, so I'm excited to read his novels.