Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Two weekends ago (at least...time has been a blur lately) I had to rinse off the patio floor where the stupid dog had pissed on one of my rabbit totes. So I stepped outside and started hauling the garden hose off the holder. I had it mostly unwound when I reached in to twist the nozzle...and noticed lots of frog droppings inside the interior of the hose holder. It was only THEN that I saw this guy on the wall at about eye level:

So I ran to get the camera, came back out, got closer and suddenly realized there were MORE frogs...

One of them is giving me the stink eye

I think they were under the hose the whole time

Anyways I spent at least twenty minutes staring at these little guys, trying to get an accurate count. I think there were at least six of them. Hard to tell, they kept moving around and my point of view kept changing. I haven't checked on them since that day. Truth be told, I felt kind of bad for disturbing them.

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porkchop said...

So I can't decide if I would think these guys were cute or if I would be freaked out a little. I think I might be freaked out a little. :)