Sunday, September 7, 2008

Deadliest Bowler

I had an opportunity to go to the Tampa Boat Show and potentially see Time Bandit captains Johnathan and Andy in person. And perhaps get my picture taken with them and then post it here to make Nicki envious and jealous. It was within my grasp, certainly.

Then, in one swift moment, I changed my plans and went bowling instead. And I had a blast! Went with bf, Poison Apple and her husband and Kimical Warfare. I haven't been bowling in at least three years but I've still got it. Well, I scored 124, 131, then got to a 94 in the fourth frame of our third game before our family fun pack of 2 hours of bowling expired. Really got me sentimental at how much bowling I did as a high-schooler, either at the Rec Lanes or the CAC in Sheryl. (only bowled at City Lane aka Shitty Lanes once or twice). Always a shock to see how expensive it is to bowl now. $5.25 a game?? and $4 for show rental??? good grief. I also think it's funny how few people seem to know how to score a game. I had to explain how a strike is scored (10 pins plus score of next 2 rolls). I was on a jr. league that came in last place and I still have the "last place bowler" pin somewhere. After our bowling time was up, we went to the lounge and drank pitchers, played darts and goofed off until late. And us ladies set a date for our Scrabble Tournament! Whoo hoo!

Too bad tomorrow I have to go back for another week of crazy stress at work. Sigh....I hope I survive.


Nicki said...

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Giving up a chance to see our Time Bandit boys for bowling. Hmmm....

Tara Sroka said...

Sounds like u had some fun. I remember the last time I was bowling with you and the guys. Fun times!!

Wish you were closer so we could play some Scrabble too. Get on Facebook already cause you can play people online there!!! =)