Saturday, September 27, 2008

Auction Finds

The last time I attended an auction was four years ago. I got on the mailing list, have been receiving notices of upcoming auctions and disregarded them. Until this week. For whatever reason, I opened the email, clicked the link to see pics of examples of what was to be sold off...and saw these totally cool stained glass windows. I knew they would look awesome on the walls in my game room and/or living room. I told B I wanted to go, he said ok, so this morning we got up early and headed out to St. Pete. The windows were alot larger than I expected. I asked B, do you think these will fit in your card? Sure, he says. Ok. The auction starts. They get around to where the stained glass panels are. There is a different set of 6 that gets auctioned first. We both liked those too, but bidding went high fast. I was trying to ask B if he liked those better or not, because I was only going to buy one set. He didn't answer in time and they were sold ($450). No biggie, I liked the colored glass better. Bidding starts. My heart is pounding. Bidding isn't as crazy as the previous set (maybe b/c these are bigger?). I have one main competitor but fortunately, they bowed out before I went over the mental limit I had set for myself. SOLD! To me, YAY!

Then we had to carry them over to the car. Again, bigger than I expected and heavy! But super cool. From a local chapel, I guess. Well, they didn't fit into the car. B had to call his uncle to come meet us with a truck. So I wandered back to the sale. Just as they were auctioned off a very cool modern couch. I had eyed it before but didn't seriously consider it because we had come in a car. Well. Now I knew there was a truck, so I went ahead and bid on it. SOLD.

It's going to go in my game room. The stained glass windows, I am thinking of painting the wood casements. Black? Cream? Might keep it natural for the set that's going to go in the living room. The other two will go in the game room. I will consider it money well spent ONCE they are up on the walls. I'm hoping they make as big an impact as I am hoping they will..... I will post new pictures when that happens.

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Nicki said...

Both purchases are way awesome. I can't wait to see the glass up on the walls. If some are going in the game room, I think cream would look good since the walls are brown, right? That could is really, really cool, too. Nice job!