Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I am amazed that I have finished another book already. Last night before the season premiere of Prison Break, I finished Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. Chuck is one of my favorite writers as he writes just what I like: dark, comedic, tragic, and satiric. Invisible Monsters is the story of a beautiful model who has an accident with a gun and is horribly disfigured. I knew one of the big reveals of the book before I read it, but I didn't see some of the others, which were pretty awesome surprises. Chuck has a great way of twisting things up at the end and leaves his mark in your mind. If you like the darker side of things, I highly recommend checking him out. The film adaptation of Fight Club was excellent and I am looking forward to Choke coming out in a few weeks.

I am on to reading my first novel by Neil Gaiman titled Anansi Boys. I was told to read American Gods first, but I have this one out from the library, so this is going to be first. My husband and I read several of his Sandman comics and loved them, we also watched MirrorMask, so I'm excited to read his novels.

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Mary said...

Oh, I loved American Gods. I actually meant to read Anansi Boys first, but American Gods was the first one available (back when I was part of that netflix-like book club). I read several others of his books and liked them all. Look forward to hearing what you think of this book!