Friday, February 19, 2010

Updates, things, blah

Yes, it's beeen yet another hiatus, but I am vowing to be a much more diligent blogger. Er, something. Mary is in Costa Rica for the second time and I eagerly await her fun tales and amazing pictures. Some day, I will be able to go with her.

It is still miserable, grey, cold winter in Rochester. This week I have determined that I am finished with winter. I'm tired of bundling up, lacing up my boots, and shivering whenever I step out of my house. I want to see the sun again, maybe some green on the ground, and maybe wear a lighter jacket. When in reality, we have a couple more months of this.

The biggest thing on my end is that we are selling our house. The shit economy has officially hit our family in that Brad is still struggling to find a full time job and we have determined we just can't do it anymore. So we here we are, 2 1/2 years later, going on the real estate roller coaster again. It took us six months to sell our last house and with the economy being even worse than it was then, I am fearful of what that will mean for this time around. But, one day at a time and all that crap.

My birthday is approaching, which I somehow keep forgetting. I will be 33. Hmmm, ok. I'm thinking I won't really care about that number until it's one or two shy of 40. Since I've had Dominick, I tend to forget about my birthday because his birthday is at the end of March and I am always thinking about his party and what to do for him.

I am also gearing up for the Oscars. My friend Laura and I are finally watching the show together this year. Much food and wine will be consumed. The Oscars are like our SuperBowl. We know we are dorks, we fully embrace our dorkdom and flip off anyone who rolls their eyes at it. We all have our "things", this is ours. We are both pulling for The Hurt Locker for Best Picture and Kathrun Bigelow for Best Director. It would be quite an achievement since she would be the first female director to win in the history of the Oscars. So woo hoo, go girl power, or something.

More updates to come...

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