Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rock On Cello Men!

Nicki, I'm not sure if you still use Emusic, but if you are check this group out -- Apocalyptica -- if you haven't heard or listened to them already. They're a Finnish cello metal band. My kind of juxiposition! I downloaded the Cult album and so far, five songs in, I really like it. I researched them after I heard one of their newer songs on my XM radio this morning ("I don't care" from the 2007 Worlds Collide album). I guess they're mostly famous because of their Metallic cover songs. Cult is composed mostly of originals and I like it. Think it will be good work listening music.

Since I have Friday off (a rare gift from work!) I'm thinking about going up to St. Pete and checking out the Sunken Gardens. If so, I shall take my camera along and play photographer.

Oh, so far, no luck with World Series tickets. I should know better than to believe promises!

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Nicki said...

This is some crazy and cool shiznit. I have not heard them before but you can bet on me downloading some of their stuff Monday a.m. You are right, this is great work music!!