Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It has started

This morning I woke up to white all over the ground. Yup, on November 18th, I had my first snow covered drive into work. For the first few rounds of snow driving, people tend to be, well, stupid. It's like they forget how to do it. Then everyone is fine, then the longer winter lasts, the braver people get. That's when you see people off the road in a ditch. So, it is officially winter here in upstate NY. There is no turning back now.


Mary said...

BRRRRR!! I had to turn my heat on. It was a brisk 64 degrees in my place. No seriously, it was cold. I don't know if I would last a winter in NY now!

porkchop said...

Oh, you know you love it Nicki! At least until Christmas is over. Then it can just go away please. :) Mary, I'm amazed your thick southern tier skin is gone already! ;)