Sunday, August 17, 2008

Awkward Timing

The timing of this storm is annoying for me, as we have certain deadlines we have to meet at work this week, and if we miss a whole day of work, it throws a huge monkey wrench in things. And now that I've just been promoted, I'm going to be running around with my head cut off tomorrow, making phone calls galore, trying to schedule everything. AUGH! I'm trying not to stress. But enough of that.

I am participating in my first football fantasy draft this year. I had to pick 3 NFL winners and 1 loser, and 4 college winners and 1 loser. Along with 19 other people, so that meant options got pretty limited pretty quickly. I did absolutely no studying up on it, I just made my picks based on whimsy. Well, that's not totally true. I do know more than I let on...but I'll never let them know that. For example, my first NFL winner pick was the Colts. Because I love Peyton Manning (he's such a nerd athelete and I so admire that). Then I picked Green Bay because I feel like they're going to have a burning desire to win and show that they don't NEED Brett Favre. "Favre? Favre who?" I was tempted to pick the Bills as my loser (sorry Brad!) but then figured with my luck, they'd have a good year. I don't expect to win or even place very high. I think my strategy was just to try not to come in dead last. Time will tell.

Haven't started my new short story yet. Surprise surprise. Maybe if I have a hurricane day I'll have some time to do so. Otherwise, it'll be another long long week of work. Oh, I guess I have a birthday this week, but I don't know if I'll have time to celebrate it in any way. Ho hum.

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