Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hello Mr. Frog

I've lived in SW Florida for...five years now. I miss certain things about living up north, but I have to admit I've started to become fascinated with the bugs (eeewwww and icky!), birds, wildlife and plants that you can find around here. It's such a variety! And where I live now (I've lived in a different town each year I've been here), there is a marshy area behind the back yard, and that really steps up what kind of...things...I might see.

Like this little green treefrog on my front door. My Audubon guide to Florida (which I bought three years ago to take with me when I kayaked) tells me that: these guys are only about 2 inches long, feed on branches and windows, are great leapers, and often sing in chorus at different pitches. Think they argue over who gets to sing soprano that night? I hear these guys all the time, singing out back in that marshy area. After a good rain, they are LOUD.

Coming home late last night, I almost stepped on another frog or toad in the driveway. I took a pic with my cell phone, but it came out really dark. He was kind of big and ugly, so my guess, per my guide book, is a giant toad. Glad I didn't touch him...the guide says he's toxic if eaten by animals and the skin secretions can inflame human eyes.


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