Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bunny

I currently count 3 different marsh rabbits that like to come out from the water preserve to nibble in the grasses for breakfast and dinner. Marsh rabbits aren't as cute as your stereotypical cottontails, but they can walk on their hindfeet and they swim very well.

It makes me wonder just how much these rabbits swim, because after a good afternoon rainstorm, that marshy area gets pretty darn flooded.

The ones in the backyard don't spook to easily. Though they will pay very close attention to you if you happen to be stalking them with a camera...

So they are kind of cute, but I prefer my snugglebunnies...all five of them. I'll post proud parent pics of them soon enough. Though it can be awfully tiring cleaning their litter boxes and cages...every two to three days. I'm a slave to bunny poop!

In other news, I had a wicked wicked dream the other night and I'm totally inspired to write a short story based on it. If I do, I mean, when I do, it'll be the first piece of fiction I've written in at least five years. I can't wait. Hopefully I will get a chance to start writing it this weekend....

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Jason said...

You get bonus points for getting a picture of a bunny swimming. I've never seen that before.